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Men’s Circle with Embody Healing

January 7 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


What: Men’s Circle
Description: We welcome cismales, trans males, and intersex identifying as both, male, or non-binary in our sacred space, but please present as masculine or gender neutral out of respect for the event. Basically, if you’re comfortable being referred to with masculine pronouns you’re welcome (and we do generally use male pronouns in the space).

Welcome to our men’s circle, where we support you on your terms around other people who are also living through masculine energy. Most male-centered opportunities for support are adapted from female-centered practices. That’s a problem because men process, register information and interact differently and thus need a different form of support. Others are really just circles about how to serve women disguised as men’s circles. We try to avoid those pitfalls by allowing you to select the sort of support you need. We’re not here to tell you how to live, who to be, or even what’s right or wrong for you. We’re just here to help remind you who you are and support you in becoming the best version of yourself you can be. Our facilitators will never shame or condemn you, not even when you’re admitting something hard to hear because that’s Spirit’s work, not ours.

How’s it run? We open with one of the facilitators lighting incense, burning an herb, or clearing the space with essential oils. We then lay a cloth in the center of the circle, placing an item in each direction to help participants ground where they physically are. A candle is lit for the time we are together. Then a prayer is offered to the sacred masculine and a staff and stick are placed in the center of the cloth. We drum for about an hour (drums are provided or you can bring your own), and then we have about an hour of talk time. Talk time is simply where we’re giving people in the space a chance to go to the cloth, take up the staff, and present what they need to present. Perhaps that’s a tough decision that needs made, a challenging feeling or thought process they’re stuck in, or simply needing to get something off that person’s chest. That person decides whether they want feedback from the group and directs who they want to take feedback from. This is accomplished by them asking for support, the other participants indicating that they’d like to offer thoughts, and by that person in the center offering a person the talking stick to open dialogue with one person at a time. When we are out of time, a closing prayer of gratitude is offered and the candle in the center is blown out.

Core Principals:
Respect: Respect means not speaking over each other or being disruptive with the drums or the voice. Everyone in our circle is equal and we expect participants to respect that, not elevating or lowering themselves or another. Respect means not making fun of another or attacking another person. It means expressing frustration is welcome, but hate speech is not. Respect means we honor our place in the world, specifically in that we as humans do not have the capacity to tell another person what to do, what’s right for them, or how to live. We support, not control. Respecting the space also means showing up to be in and support masculine energy, so we ask that non-binary participants present as masculine or gender neutral at this event. Lastly, this means respecting the tools and items used in the circle and taking responsibility for our physical impact.

Integrity: Integrity means showing up as authentically, honestly, and recognizing the impact we have on each other. It means sharing honestly, not making up false traumas or false accusations. Having integrity is the only way to have a powerful space and the only way to create a space where support is able to happen. Integrity may sometimes also mean vulnerability and trusting that the people in the circle will have your back and support you and being willing and able to offer that same support to others.

Sacred Space: Sacred space means space set away from the profane- that is, space outside normal daily life. We ask that electronic devices be set on silent, that participants do their utmost to be on time, and that we leave what happens in the circle in the circle. It is key that we do not share what happens in the circle outside the circle as this is part of what enables it to be a place where men can be vulnerable. If you’re not in the circle, don’t talk about the circle.

Requested donation: $20 per person covers our cost, but as no one will be turned away we encourage donating up if you’re able. If you can not donate or can donate less, please come anyway. We need you for our work to be effective.

Hakan is a cismale belly dancer in the Pittsburgh area. He’s bringing the beats for the drum circle and ensuring a cismale perspective is provided in the circle. If you’d like to learn more, here’s his website: http://hakandances.com
David Laughing Crow is an intersex member of clergy and holistic practitioner. They are taking the lead in the talking circle and ritual portions of our event. This crazy thing was their idea, blame them. Here’s their website: http://rebekahgambleholisticpractitioner.com

If you’d like more information, please shoot us an email at embodyhealing@gmail.com.


January 7
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Embody Healing


Thrive on Health
730 Brookline Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15226
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