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Thai Massage

Thai massage involves the practitioner using a mixture of yogic stretching and application of pressure to energetic meridians. A thai massage can increase vitality, flexibility, and relaxation. Sometimes called “lazy man’s yoga”, it is performed fully clothed on a mat at ground level. The practitioner uses a series of stretching manipulations and pressure point activations to deliver an amazing massage that will leave you feeling stretched, invigorated, and relaxed. Excellent for athletes!


Reiki with an attuned Usui Reiki practitioner gives you an opportunity to experience the sometimes subtle, often profound healing effects of energy work. Practitioners use the wisdom of an ancient tradition to help balance your energy and facilitate your body, mind, and spirit in healing.


The practitioner will apply small intense movements to induce a healing effect in the organs that correspond to specific points on the foot. This results in overall relaxation and improved vitality.

Couples Massage

Call or email to book our larger couples suite for an amazing bonding experience with your partner, friend, or family member!

Custom Massage

Caters to your specific desires and your own body’s needs. Our therapists are trained in full-body Swedish technique, sports and athletic massage, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial bodywork, energy work, and deep tissue. We are passionate about creating unique massage experiences for each client.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

The use of heat therapies to detoxify the body is an ancient healing technique. An invisible band in the spectrum of light, infrared sauna therapy has a unique ability to heat the body at lower temperatures than traditional saunas. The radiant light penetrates deeply and creates healing on a molecular level.

Partner Massage Instruction

During this lesson, you will learn the basics of giving massage to your friends, partners, and family members. We will discuss and demonstrate some of our time honored techniques and secret skills that we possess as massage therapists. Participants will work hands on with their partner on professional massage tables, and also learn how to adapt massage techniques to the typical not-so-ideal home environment safely and effectively. Massage tables, clean sheets, and lotions will be provided. This class does not count toward any professional licensure. The purpose is strictly to learn how to better take care of the people close to you! *Price is per group of two and includes two $20 vouchers for future massage.

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